Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing


As the number of mobile phone users has increased, drastically in the past decade, the importance of mobile marketing has also increased drastically all over the world. India is among nations with highest number of mobile phone users. Number of mobile phone users is much more than internet users all over the world, hence mobile marketing is very important and needs to be a part of any marketing campaign.

Mobile marketing is possibly the most cost effective, personal and direct marketing tool available to the marketers. Majority of population owns cell phones, because people like to stay connected with their loved ones. And mobile phones facilitate easy, fast and cheap communication for business and administration purposes. Less tariff rates is the reason that people of almost all economic status have a cell phone. It is a fact that people can forget their wallet at home but cannot forget to carry their cell phone. Mobile phones have changed the way people communicate, stay updated and entertain themselves.

Promoting products and services by direct calls can make your potential customers irritated and people may not pick up their phone, hence bulk sms marketing is more effective as people definitely receive a sms, which is mostly read on the spot or after some time. Number of people with regular access to internet are much lesser then people with cell phones. According to a survey only 25% of emails are opened compared to 95% of sms. These figures show the importance of sms marketing. Sms marketing is much cheaper than email marketing and other advertisement techniques. A sms is much more appealing than an email as it is short and to the point. People may not read complete messages but at least take glance at it, hence get a rough idea about your products or services. Sms marketing is very effective if used to inform people about new offers or arrival of new products. Promotional Sms also give precise and necessary information to a customer, which is easily accessible by them at anytime and anywhere. And people also forward the same message to their friends and family members, if the offers are good.

There are many mobile marketing firms in India which provide this service. The best feature about sms marketing is that, these firms don’t take much time to setup time, setup fees or have to arrange special software. you can get great results in less time. These firms provide value for money services and 24/7 assistance. However you need to assign your sms marketing campaign an expert in order to get desired results. Sms marketing needs to be very balanced because, if you try to be very pushy than your potential customers can get irritated or if your messages are very monotonous or boring than also your customers can get annoyed. Moreover sms marketing is also subjected to many legal restrictions and guidelines, which need to be considered. You need to ensure that only people who have opted to receive messages from only receive. You also need to be sure that your sms marketing campaign complies with privacy and data protection rules.

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