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oneXtel is on the top most and reliable bulk sms service provider in Thane.. We provide bulk sms in your city Thane as per your need in affordable rates. Our bulk sms service is a simple, fast SMS delivery service for your cloud application or marketing requirements. oneXtel Bulk SMS is designed as an Web-based user interfaces for reliable delivery of bulk SMS or single recipient transactional sms with detailed delivery statistics. Do you have a sms/text to spread? Use our Bulk SMS services platform to communicate to your clients/users and Group Member’s.

bulk sms service provider thane

We are a No. 1 end-to-end mobile data solutions provider that caters to business and individuals. We are providing Two Bulk sms Route’s for Bulk SMS in Thane that is Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS Route. We also provide HTTP API, XML API, SMPP connectivity for Developer’s. Bulk messaging is a fastest way to communicate with customers about your Product and send Informative SMS alerts to existing clients or customers. If you are searching for a reliable and robust Bulk sms system to send SMS Alerts in Thane. We would like to assist you in sending Bulk sms faster and in a personalized way. We are leading Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai with a special center on Simplicity and Ease of Use of the system.

Bulk SMS Thane features

  • Bulk SMS Priority Route.
  • Bulk SMS API Integration.
  • Online DND Filter.
  • Bulk SMS Excel Plugin.
  • Bulk SMS Optin.
  • Unlimited Sender IDs
  • Unlimited Validity
  • SMS in English & 5 other Indian Languages
  • Send @ Speed of 10000 SMS per minute
  • Real time delivery reports.
  • Fastest Personalized SMS
  • Multiple Backup SMS Routes & Carrier Grade Infrastructure.
  • Instant Telephone & Email Tech Support.

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