Bulk SMS Services in Thane | Bulk SMS provider in Thane

oneXtel is on the top most and reliable bulk sms service provider in Thane.. We provide bulk sms in your city Thane as per your need in affordable rates. Our bulk sms service is a simple, fast SMS delivery service for your cloud application or marketing requirements. oneXtel Bulk SMS is designed as an Web-based user interfaces for … Continue reading “Bulk SMS Services in Thane | Bulk SMS provider in Thane”

oneXtel – Leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai

oneXtel is one of the leading bulk SMS provider in Chennai.  Our services are characterized by excellence and our motive is to offer specialized, reliable and high-quality bulk sms services in a cost effective manner. We are currently delivering SMS  to all the mobile  networks in India. Our smsgateway can also   be incorporated with any … Continue reading “oneXtel – Leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chennai”

Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

  As the number of mobile phone users has increased, drastically in the past decade, the importance of mobile marketing has also increased drastically all over the world. India is among nations with highest number of mobile phone users. Number of mobile phone users is much more than internet users all over the world, hence … Continue reading “Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing”

Significance Of Bulk SMS In Today’s Era

SMS marketing, also recognized as text message marketing, is an ideal way to be in touch with your customers. The phrase SMS stands for ‘short message service which means that you can send small text messages of 160 characters or less to your target market’s mobile phones with unique offers, deals, updates, news plus whatever … Continue reading “Significance Of Bulk SMS In Today’s Era”