How Bulk SMS Services Can Benefit The Tourism Industry

In the tourism industry communication is fast paced. Bookings, travel enquires, confirmations – everything has to be done quickly and effectively. Bulk SMS services can help to personalise communication and increase operational excellence.

bulk sms services for tour & travels

When traveling, people don’t always have access to their personal computer. Also, brochures and hand written notes containing important info often get lost while on the move. Text messages can solve these problems – the client can receive the message instantly and save it on their phone for later reading.

What type of messages would travellers want?

  • Confirmation that that a room/ transportation has been booked or payment received.
  • Directions to their destination.
  • Availability of accommodation in a specific area
  • Weather updates
  • Hot spots/ activities/ restaurants near their destination
    Special offers/ discounts

By making use of Bulk SMS services, travel/ booking agents will spend less time phoning and sending emails to gather the required info. It saves cost and time on the part of the agency as well as the tourist because it isn’t necessary to contact one another multiple times over late or lost info.

But it isn’t limited to agencies; service providers can also use it for their own marketing initiatives. For example, a hotel can send a guest a list of all the available rooms so he/ she can take their pick. Or a lodge can remind their guests to take their preventative malaria medication before they embark on their journey.

Operational efficiency can be increased in any business area. Liaise with suppliers to quickly get info on their products/ services or enquire about deliveries/ shipment.

Probe customers for feedback on their experience and gain valuable insight on how you can better your business. It will help to establish loyalty amongst your suppliers (it is a breeze to do business with you) and your clientele (they want to make use of your spectacular services again.)

Bulk SMS services can create a lasting impression and build good relationships the tourism industry. Use it to enhance your traditional forms of marketing and communication and open up new avenues for your business.

Integrat can provide you with the tools you need to get the job done. Contact us today for more info on Bulk SMS.

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