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Cost Effective Bulk SMS Services in Delhi              

oneXtel is leading bulk SMS provider in Delhi offers best bulk SMS services at affordable prices. We provide innovative marketing tools to generate business leads. Our Bulk SMS services enable you to send messages to a huge number of mobile users at a affordable price with unbelievable consistency. Our web-based and excel plug-in are able of sending instant messages across India regardless of the mobile network carrier.

Quick Reach in Delhi and Nearby!

Nothing is as easy as sending and receives an SMS. It exactly takes no time to send a sms. Almost all the mobile phone has a feature of SMS. In order to receive an message people don’t require to connect to internet. This is the biggest benefit for all the companies, you can simply reach n number of customers with just a single SMS. No other platform gives this flexibility.

High Speed Bulk SMS provider in Delhi

When we seem at other form of marketing, people have to spend some time to access the information. For an instance, if you are looking for “bulk email marketing service in Delhi”, you require an internet connection, log in into your account and then sent bulk emails, most of the time the emails goes to spam folder. But in case of sms marketing, bulk SMS can be done in 1-2 minutes and the best part is, users, don’t require an internet connection to read your SMS.

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