Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing

  As the number of mobile phone users has increased, drastically in the past decade, the importance of mobile marketing has also increased drastically all over the world. India is among nations with highest number of mobile phone users. Number of mobile phone users is much more than internet users all over the world, hence … Continue reading “Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing”

Significance Of Bulk SMS In Today’s Era

SMS marketing, also recognized as text message marketing, is an ideal way to be in touch with your customers. The phrase SMS stands for ‘short message service which means that you can send small text messages of 160 characters or less to your target market’s mobile phones with unique offers, deals, updates, news plus whatever … Continue reading “Significance Of Bulk SMS In Today’s Era”

A New Mode of Communication – Bulk SMS

Think you are too busy to respond anything and you are continuously being tortured by certain phone calls from your product supervisors or from your customer care cells to buy their products or at least making you familiar with their new brands or products, recently launched. The situation it certainly creates is something similar to … Continue reading “A New Mode of Communication – Bulk SMS”

Bulk SMS in Mumbai is the Best Way to Communicate with the Customers

Since the introduction of mobile technology in India, the country has booked the position of fastest growing Smartphone industry. With the everyday rise in the Smartphone users, companies have chosen to promote their products and services through mobile advertising which is the smartest source to promote the business in the present scenario. The industry competition, … Continue reading “Bulk SMS in Mumbai is the Best Way to Communicate with the Customers”