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Short code are significantly short telephone numbers which are designed to provide ease to remember telephone numbers as well as to increase readability. These are 5 or 6 digit virtual number on which any private call can not be made as they as used to address SMS or MMS, featured deal or news from a particular service provider company to customers, employees or business firms. Short code provides great and secure accessibility of database as the information is quickly fetched when needed

Short code can be of two types on the basis of accessibility i.e.

  • Vanity or dedicated short code SMS services: These are special short code numbers that have assigned for the special purpose. Subscriber orders a dedicated to code to you and then it will work only on your selected API , no other service can share these short code in any way.
  • Random or shared short code SMS services: As the name suggest when the short code assigned to you, you can not reviewed in the database. A common short code is assigned for entire business and is sharable among several user of an application.
Uses of short code
  • Very useful in exchange of SMS or MMS in bulk form one to one or one to many notification burst.
  • Built with better application logic of delivery status.
  • High throughput as 30 SMS can be send per second.
  • Can be useful in gathering the data.

Short codes are mainly used in voting, advertisement, notification burst, ordering services and also in charity. Generally short codes an automated response program is associated with the short code. As the short code is received, an automated program perform the task associated with that code. For example to subscribe caller tune in your mobile short codes are used like-

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